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Precast Walls and Piers


Your wall can be delivered to site and erected all within a few hours with the advantage of having no rubble or debris as with other building sites. Precast walls can be made to order with single or double sided facing and capping of your choice.

Precast Walls & Piers

Walls and Piers


We can build walls/ piers on site. Can clad existing block walls with either single side or double side. 

In some cases it may need a banking wall with concrete backing with drainage to release water seepage. 

Walls & Piers



House can be faced with your choice of stone. With corner stones, keystones over windows or doors. Houses can also be finished with brick on corners and also window and door surrounds.




Water falls, wishing wells, flower beds, flower pots, wall kerbing and all other landscaping requirments. 


Water Storage Tanks


Save money on water meter charges while harvesting your own natural rainwater. Built to whatever size the client wishes, these tanks will store all rainwater to supply your house, garden or farm.

These tanks can be faced on one or all sides with stone cladding or built underground if required. 

Water Storage Tanks
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